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Patelco CU Honest Conversation with Loved Ones about Your Wishes Webinar
Preparing for the inevitable can be a tough discussion; it’s one that many people find difficult to have with loved ones. However, it’s important to have a thoughtful conversation with your family as you plan for the future and discuss how you’d like your final requests honored. Join us, alongside Frank Pollaro, Senior Regional Vice President at Equitable, as we take a deep dive into “Share Your Love: A Family Discussion Guide” where we’ll cover important estate planning topics such as:

Communicating your wishes to family

Identifying caretakers for loved ones

Creating and storing important documents

Selecting decision makers

Setting up account access

Efficiently transferring assets

Creating a plan is important, but discussing your wishes with loved ones and providing them with key details in the event of death or incapacity is an essential step in the process. By communicating properly with your family, you can help minimize legal fees, save them headaches, and reduce uncertainty while settling your estate.

Wednesday, September 28 at 5:30pm PT Sign up here


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